Every man and woman, no matter how old, can usually tell you what their favorite childhood toy was. Toys for babies, toddlers, and preadolescents are a natural part of growing up as a human. They have been around for centuries, from Egypt to the North Pole. But, why are we using toys and are they really useful to us?


Learning basic motor functions is the first and the hardest challenge in the life of any creature. We are all born without knowledge of walking, peeling apples or doing a cartwheel. Babies are shown to develop faster with the use of toys. From basic concepts like grabbing or throwing to complex interactions – toys help us get used to life. Good choice in baby’s toys can significantly improve cognitive development.


As we said, even the basic ideas and concepts are complicated when you are a toddler. Without a way to transfer knowledge into a young mind, allowing the child to explore while playing is a splendid idea. After a few encounters with basic principles of human life, babies can grasp complex and often abstract concepts through play. It might seem to you that your toddler just dropped its puzzle piece, but in fact, he or she might have just learned the complex idea of cause and effect.


Once your child is old enough to think about language learning you will see that not all of them advance at the same pace. There is an entire science behind what causes children to learn faster or slower, but everybody agrees that toys can help. Toys that “talk” or “spell out” certain words can significantly increase the language learning curve. Also, toys with letters create a sense of familiarity with symbols allowing children to learn faster.


Humans are social animals and as such need others to live with to be happy and have a complete life. Getting your child used to others is easiest done through toys. Creating play-along sessions with other kids will create a safe environment for them to form social bonds.