Playing games while strengthening your mind may be one of the best combinations out there. Especially if you have people you love to share it with. Family games and puzzles are getting more and more popular and for a good reason. Quality family time, bonding and learning are a Sunday night you can only wish for. Have a night off, but can’t think of a game? Let’s offer you some solutions!


It is one of the oldest and the best classic games out there! You can choose a 5000 pieces puzzle to keep you busy for a month, or you can settle for a toddler version to play with your grandkid. There is a reason why this kind of puzzle will never go out of style! Kids love it, and so do adults!

Word puzzles

There is nothing better than a warm house, cocoa smell and pencil marks everywhere. If your kids are old enough, make sure to get them to fall in love with word puzzles. Playing games like Scrabble or Word Quest will not only make a great Sunday night but also teach kids some new words.

Wood puzzle

Paper is fine, but feeling the texture and the weight of the real 3D puzzles is something else entirely. Toys that grandpas of the old made for their grandchildren are getting a modern rebirth in the last few years. There are hundreds, if not thousands of different exciting puzzles that will keep you up for days.


Standing for hidden object puzzle games, HOPA will blow your minds. Combining numerous puzzles into a video game while following a narrative in a visually stunning environment can quickly grow into a habit. The experience of playing HOPA games can best be described as watching an interactive movie while you solve 50 different types of puzzles. Isn’t that great or what?

Metal puzzles

Similar to the wood ones, metal puzzles offer a high level of excitement and brainstorming for every single package. Piece together metal rings, rods and curves to create a modern art sculpture like in the picture can be strangely satisfying. You should give it a go.