Welcome to Eonic Effect, where you can find the biggest selection of puzzles and smart toys for children of all ages. We offer the best, high-quality wood puzzles guaranteed to provide hours of fun and learning. Our products have been tested and selected to provide the finest experience for our customers.

The Perfect Gift

Puzzles are one of the best investments or gifts you can buy for a child. Just like a good book, a good puzzle can entertain and educate a young mind. This is important because many famous scientists credit their life-long interest in science to the toys they played with as kids. Puzzles are an excellent way to get a child interested in solving problems, and our wooden jigsaw puzzles are the best at just that!

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Our Most Popular Toys


Rocket Puzzle

Our Rocket Puzzle is one of the most popular toys this season. The solution will form a cool rocket which will be able to hold its shape even after completion. This way you have both a toy and a puzzle in one product.

Happy Hippo

Happy Hippo is our last year champion, and it is still showing to be popular among the kids. Twenty-one colorful wooden pieces form a happy hippo when done right. It is an easy puzzle fit for all children over the age of three.



Shapes are our take on the classic “match shape” mechanics. We must say it is very popular since it has been on our top lists for years. It is a great learning tool and the best gift a new mom can get.

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Exercise the Mind

Solving problems is one of the best ways to train your brain. Just like weight lifting makes your muscles stronger, solving problems makes your brain work faster and better. We allow you to train your brain with our wooden jigsaw puzzles and we continuously create new ones for the generations to come.